The mood and situation vary with circumstances

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Now it has become necessary to explore mental institution to fulfill both health condition and recovery of disease and it is understood that if distortions penetrated in field of thought were not taken care of. If there is no solution to accumulated problems and disasters, then even after maintaining dietary balance, pursuit of sickness will not be missed. Medical treatment will not serve any other purpose except recreation. Now importance of drug treatment is gradually decreasing and the importance of psychotherapy is being given. Mental illnesses have been counted separately in the past and their area has been different. Now new research purposes have considered only the diseases arising due to accidental causes like some accident as physical and almost all diseases have been declared reaction of mind. As a result of deep discoveries, one has to rethink very important purpose of human life like health and see what can be done to maintain spirituality by not singing songs of dieting.

Mental distortions occur only slightly due to occasional complications. Mostly their reason is ethical. Due to hypocrisy, deception and hypocrisy, hypocrisy, two personalities are born within a human being. One real, the other renegade. There is a fierce conflict between the two. Both of them maintain enmity with each other and try to build their dominance by crushing the opponent. This Dev struggle keeps entire mind area disturbed. As a result of this Deity, many diseases arise and they do not take name of removal till they remain in same mental state.

Physical diseases are obvious. Therefore, their information is also easily found and there is also a means to treat them with medicine. Mental illnesses are often counted as people of deranged, semi-depressed levels who have been unable to carry on their normal duties, whose bodies have started to falter and sabotage and public behavior, which have become a burden for themselves and their relatives. These sciences have been deranged. There is no place for the number of people who earn a living and even when they eat and sleep, but their thinking is bizarre and eccentric. How many think in the language of wickedness and accuse everyone, they get wrapped in hostility. There are so many accusations of apprehensions, doubts, convictions that even his wife, daughter, sister, etc. remain undeniable doubts about his character. They see relatives and neighbors plotting against themselves.

Due to the misfortune and wrath of planetary constellations, so many people tremble every moment and feel the mountain of misfortune falling on them. Those who keep tying the mind with the sheik chilies, without thinking of possible, impossible, keep sitting in a unique world of their dreams. Neither find their tracks with others nor allow anyone else to become intimate with them. Assessing the situation – They can’t understand the mood and situation of others. Strange guesses and arrive at absurd conclusions. Whatever thoughts arise, they run on the unbridled horse and run without taking any argument as a one-sided craze. What is the basis of what is being thought – and what will be the result of climbing that craze, it will not be possible for their brain-deformed brain to understand so much? It does not take long for the unsuspecting people to sit on their faces, on whom to blame, to make ugly pictures of bad luck. The number of people who think the world is destitute, self-murder can be found around themselves. They have nothing to do with laughter and happiness.

From somewhere, they get imagery of trouble and find themselves sad, give sorrow to the companions, carry the corpse of life. Sometimes this craze gets aggressive, so whoever is in their grip does not leave any stone unturned to harass them. His short-sightedness in considering a friend as an enemy and an enemy as a friend is reflected in his footsteps. The thugs are hunting on the day of arrival. Even after getting older, the way of thinking remains the same as boys. In any important context, his consultation does not prove to be of any use. It is not possible for them to be able to associate their work with any purpose. As you pass the time, you complete the day of death itself. They cannot be called insane, but in terms of personality, they cannot be understood even in some good condition.

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