Real consciousness brings happiness

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It is compulsory to use them constantly to strengthen and developmental powers. The useless thing becomes weak and the destruction becomes corrupted. The development and enrichment of man’s internal powers are up to the age of 35 years. Then our only experience of knowledge grows only.

The very transience, instability, and anxiety of the mind cause irritation in the fibers and the aggravation occurs. The human becomes tired and fatigued so by disabling the mind, resting it, preventing the running of the trade, the protection, and accumulation of its force can be. Resting the mind is such an art that every woman, man, rich-poor, renewable peace can benefit. An inactive state, the unacquainted state is a healthy state of mind. This condition comes from concentrating all the thoughts of the mind in one center. By entering into the intense state of conscience, by attaining harmony with inspiring power, seeker can achieve this high role only by himself.

To make the mind strong, stop the business of mind. Inactivate the senses. Do not let any thoughts in the brain. Make it empty (screwed). Do not mind the mind with the burden of meaningless (i.e. the concerns of the lavish). Let’s move away from the outer objects and move towards consciousness-God and think like this – ‘I am establishing my connection with the inspiring power of consciousness, the consciousness focused in the middle of the heart. I enjoy pure thoughts, love with everyone, suffering in grief, suffering in mourning, mourning, sorrow, suffering without suffering. My consolation is calm. ‘

The same person is happy who has complete balance in the consciousness in his mind because the name of the complete conformity of the express and latent mind (Harmony) is salvation. This joy comes only when the mind is in full control of the seeker. Therefore, all the pleasures of life are achieved only in the triumph of the mind. When the turmoil of the inner creatures is solved, then the victory in the outer world also prevails.

The first enemy of the mind is a distraction. When there is a quarrel between two different values and we do not decide the duty, then the situation of misery arises. The excitement creates a passion for the desires and desires of those desires that makes man outward.

The second enemy of the mind is laziness. The lazy person is resentful of anger. His powers are often becoming inactive. Due to the dominance of this defect in mind, there is an increase of despair and virtues decay. In the excitement and laziness, our mind often starts talking like this that it has to be punished for the whole life. These tend to erode the power of the mind.

Those who practice the mind should not destroy their priceless time in the first place, in addition to the said two enemies, luxury, dishonesty, condemnation, subject matter and meaningless warranty. The practice of sacrificing love and attachment in all the substances of world should be practiced and for the sake of sacrifice. Abandoning the prohibited actions of charity, adultery, falsehood, deceit, etc. should be totally discarded, the sacrifice of karma karmas and crave should be completely resolved. The victory of the mind is achieved by its own efforts. Therefore, should be strongly motivated in our substances

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